Newquay 19/09/2002


Met with Phil, Mark, Tim, Steve, Nathan and Andy in Hamiltom Hall on Thursday lunchtime. Time for a few soft drinks before boarding the Stanstead Express and taking the tour oath. We thumped down in at Newquay airport after a 50min journey, and got a cab to our accomodation.

We stayed at "The Boarding House". This provided us with a room with 8 bunk beds and a shower. The place was set up to cope with surfers being only 1min from the surfing breach. The place had a bar and wall to wall screens showing the extreme channel,as did most of the cafes and bars.

We unpacked quickly and set off for a curry house to raise our energy levels. This accomplished we headed off into town and sampled the delights of the walkabout, The central with the impressive staff and were we also met a chap with an inflatable crocodile, Then onto the reduced size Sailors nightclub to rest our weary bones.

Up next morning for a No2 breakfast at the fistral cafe. Then a leisurely drink in the Walkabout followed by beach football and cricket before we set off into town again that night.We had a meal in the Red Lion pub to start the evening. This time when we got to the Sailors nightclub they had opened it out to a larger dancefloor area on several levels. We met some friendly natives as our Bowling shirts attracted a bit of attention.

Saturday saw another No2 to start the day and a leisurely walk around town before some more beach football in the waves this time. This proved a bit cold for me so I ran around the coast to build up a thirst for the evening. This seemed to work rather too well especially when I discovered they sold "newky" brown in the nightclub. I managed to lose the others this night as I was detained talking to some local farm workers.

Sunday saw a bit of a hangover on my part but the no2 set me up for the journey home.