Phil's Stag Weekend 22/11/2002

Off down to Reading Phil's Stag weekend. We met in the bar of the hotel and consumed a few beer's before we moved on to Pizza Express were the others had some solid food, before we went back to O'Neils. The Pub was open till 1am and Myself, John and Bill continued till 2am in the Music room upstairs.

Up early and off to the Hovercraft track. The final result was a close run thing with Stuart notching up the fastest lap by a second over John. On then to the Paintballing, which all went well till the final game of Hunt the Stag, when a few impressive bruises were collected.

Back then to Reading were Neil, Johny and David joined us, and off to the Dog track. For some beers, an dthe others betted and ate as well. Despite our best efforts, I think only Bill came out ahead. O'Neills was even busier than Friday night when we returned, and this time we all set off to the Music room apart from John who had to be up at 7am for a Go-kart race. The music room was quite fun and I was quite drunk by the time we left.

On sunday I had to return to london but the others went on to do Clay pigeon shooting.