Richard's Pub Crawl 31/08/2002

Richard changed the format of the pub crawl at the last minute, We met at the Red Lion in Whitehall then set off on the Jubilee Line for the Horniman at Hayes galleria were there was a festival going on.

West then along the south of the river taking in, the mudlark and the anchor, then across the river to the Sauel pepys, the centre page (were we all indulged in some shots), the rising sun and then an eerie pub (were I had a sloth cocktail).

At this point I moved on to join Stuey, for another crawl. We went from pub to pub, and I took a picture in each pub, so we could remember what we got up to the next day. These women however kept forcing themselves into the photo, I don't know why. We also bumped into June and buffy on our travels.