Stuey's Center Parcs 07/09/2002

603k video of fondue crew

Stuart had done a great job of organising this weekend. I could not make it on the Friday unfortunately as I was at a wedding. This meant I didn't arrive till 2am on Saturday morning.

Jumped up early and found Sarah had got all the sports organised. 2 hours of Badmington followed by another 2 of tennis in the afternoon. The highlight of the tennis was myself and John Luik beating Mike and rob, John with a racquet he had spent 50p on and myself with a 25 year old woolworths racquet.

After this we all nipped into the pool, going down the rapids and the slides, and finishing of in the pop tart machine to get dry. In the evening we had a barbecue and quite a party that went onto 3am after some early games

This didn't stop us getting up and doing the sports all over again, even though every muscle in my body was aching, it seemed. In the evening we went to the panic house and had fondue and pancakes.

At first we were dismayed to find an accordian player at the venue, but he was actually very entertaining and made the evening very enjoyable. I think he was grateful for our large table as we were very willing to join in the German oompah songs and suchlike. The only downside was myself and Lucy had to leave before 9pm to get back home.