Trailplus Adventure Race 20/07/2002

Myself and Graeme had ourselves a much more serious race this time. We were supposed to be racing as a team with Debbie but unfortunately she was unwell. So myself and graeme set off around the lakes of Sandhurst with only our fresh egg for company

There was nearly a disaster at the start when I sprained my ankle in the first 400yds, but I managed to run it off. We had padded our egg and managed to throw it ok in the challenge without breaking it. Then came quite a run, we pushed really hard for an hour and were just behind the leaders in about 4th I would say.

On the run we had to crawl through obstacles and mud and memorise objects or suffer time penalties.

On then to the sking section on the plank and then onto our bikes. We may have been woefully ill equipped in the bike department compared to others, but on the challenging course, we only lost a couple of places at the start and then gained one place back at the end.

The canoe section was a bit of a comedey of errors as we were only allowed one paddle and we both couldn't fit in the canoe. But again we didn't lose a position as nobody seemed to be any more proficient than ourselves.

The penultimate task was our undoing as we had to fill a tube with holes with water, unfortunately our two man team didn't have enough fingers to plug the holes so it took a long time to do. We then scooted over a slippery wall to the finish in 3hrs 7mins and 40 secs. about 15 mins behind the winners.