Action Five Zero 18/05/2003

Up very early to get to the start of this race that was past Andover. Myself and graeme set off on the start off this five hour race and everything was going fairly well, I was navigating well with my new one handed compass and the inevitable rain wasn't dampening our spirits even though I was struggling through the mud on my slick tyres.

It was not to last however as for no apparent reason my back gear changer just fell off taking some teeth off the gears as well. We had collected a respectable number of points by then but were a long way from home. However with a combination of running with the bike up hill, avoiding hills with Navigation, and Graeme pushing me, we made it with a couple of minutes to spare. Whilst we couldn't have beaten the winners of the doubles section a glance at the results showed we may have hoped to achieve a top three finish if we had both been able to pedal.