Cocktail Party 25/10/2003

Teresa was good enough to invite me to her cocktail party in St Johns Wood. I thought I would get there early to make the most of the drinks but didn't beat Stuey who had the same idea. The first drink on the agenda was a Lychee Martini. this went down very smoothly, so I had to have a couple just to check they were always that good.
On then to the melom monster which was made with miduri so was a bright green colour this was a bit stronger and the Harvey Wallbanger a bit stronger still. If you got past this it was onto black vodka over cranberry juice.
After 3hours of cocktails it was probably as well that we had a brief walk to the Otto lounge bar to add a modicum of sobriety to the party, a shame they chucked us out at 1am as the party was still going strong.