Dynamic Adventure 18/01/2003

Slight drama on the way to this event, as my car conked out as two motorways were merging. With no lights or indicators I managed to get across the lanes to the hard shoulder. Luckily 40mins and 4.99 later the AA had me on the way with a new alternator belt.

I got to the event and myself and graeme quickly marked up our map and set off on our two hour run. We were strong runners, which we needed to be in all the mud, and overtook most people we met. However my navigating was a bit rusty and this saw us running in the wrong direction more than once.

We didn't do too badly though and got on our bikes. Same story really apart from one very fast solo rider we were capable mountain bikers but when we got ahead of a pack of riders a navigational mistake on my part would often put us behind them. Three hours later we hadn't done too bad, but were getting a bit knackered.

We set off strongly on the night navigation but almost straight away we ran into a problem on the 2nd checkpoint. About 10 of us couldn't find it in the end so we had to push on. By this time it was starting to snow, and this turned into driving rain. Graeme was suffering a bit and the rain reduced the effectiveness of our torchs. However we picked up a few more checkpoints before heading home, very wet and bedraggled.

We did find that we were in the silver cateogory as regards points collected. A bit more practice on the navigation, and some lighter bikes with gears that worked could have easily have seen us in gold I reckon.