Film Party 02/08/2003

Quite a long night this one, met the girls in the Quod bar about 7.30pm after a cocktail to start it was off to Wagamama's and a small room for some sustenance and a giant tiger beer. Next the Holiday Inn bar were we met Frazer and then quickly onto Rosie's bar, were we had a swift drink, but not quite swift enough, as when we came out we found a large queue for the mayfair club.

Teresa sorted things out and we got through on the guestlist. We weren't however quick enough to capitalise on the free, champagne and the chocolate and marshmallow fountain had obvioulsy proved very popular, we did however all get free energy drinks, which didn't have much affect on me. We also all had a go at the oxygen bar which was free as well, but it only seemed to give Fraser a boost.

We also got some free shooters and Fraser had his head massaged. We watched two bands preform live in the chillout zone, and got a free CD, and Teresa and I slipped into the VIP zone. Apparently someone from Eastenders was in the club, but it wasn't dirty den so I hadn't a clue who they were. All in all a very good night out.