Fontainebleu 30/10/2003


Off to jolly old France this time. Met Matthew and Ann at Waterloo, and the Eurostar took us smoothly to Paris, apart for the Evening Standard crossword. Can't say the same for the car trip at te other end,but I would have done a lot worse trying to drive around paris at night in the rain. Had a minor problem when we could not get into the hotel we had booked, but it wasn't hard to find a new one.
up early on Friday and plenty of bread for breakfast in the etap hotel. We investigated a bit and found the L'elephant boulder, but it was too wet to climb. After a bit of a struggle we managed to buy the resin necessary to climb on French boulders. We returned to the hotel and shopped in the supermarche and had a coffee before setting out for the town,. We eventually settled on a very cold restaurant, were I had steak. We finished off in an aussie bar, were the only Aussie beer was fosters ice, and the staff didn't speak english. Me and Matthew had the Desperado beer which looked exciting because it had tequila in it, but it actually tasted like shandy.
Up early on the Saturday, but so was the rain. We had a wander around a large chateu in the centre of fontainbleu while we waited for the rocks to dry. After a bit more supermarche shopping the weather had picked up and we headed to trois pignons, near croix st jermaine .
We tried a number of yellow and orange routes which in theory were for beginners, but were a bit more difficult due to the recent rain. Had quite a lot of success on the routes, Matthew was the only casualty with a bruised forearm from a difficult bit of mantling. In the evening ann wasn't well so matthew and I set off into town, We were rather lucky to get a cab but could only go to the chateau as it was the only destnation he understood. We went to the glasgow pub where a number of french women were snogging a mouse, then on for a 12euro dinner of very rare steak. Back then to the aussie bar for a pint of very expensive Afligem beer. We had to leave though because it was so smokey. We found a less smokey bar for a final pint then had to run home to keep warm because of the lack of taxi's.
On Sunday morning we went to gorges de apremont, this had a wide selection of routes and I was pretty chuffed to do an orange AD route all the way, even though it was quite dangerous. then fell off later and did quite a long roll down some rock, though survived without serious injury. In the afternoon off to d'apremont to climb. Unfortunarely we only managed to get a couple of climbs in before the rain set in. Did have some fun hopping all the way up the stairs from the car park though. In the evening back into fontainbleu and myself and Matthew enjoyed a giraffe of stella whilst Ann had chocolate icecream.
next day off to an area near fontainebleu, that had lots of beginners routes, did manage to do an orange overhang with some difficulty. On the last day we revisited the same area, but only managed to fit in one yellow route.