The London Marathon 13/04/2003


It was with some relief that I awoke to find it quite a warm day, after the wheathermen had been predicting a very cold day. So at the last minute I was able to ditch the thermal top and worry about the possibility of sunburn. I met Dee at the start and we ran together for the first mile. I followed the 3hr pacemaker for a while but he seemed to be too slow. So I set off on my own, only to find at 10 miles there was another 3hr pacemaker ahead of me.

Eventually they joined up and I tucked in behind them for about 10miles which was often a bit crowded and tricky. But I managed to avoid any accidents unlike one chap who went flying trying to run and use his mobile phone at the same time.

I pushed on to about 21miles, by this time one of the pacemakers had dropped out, and the other got held up at a waterstation. So I pushed on ahead and found some clear space to run in, I hadn't paid much attention to the clock, relying on the pacemakers to be on time. As you would expect it got harder and harder and my left foot was starting to burn, and my thighs were aching, but I was so close now I was determined to hang onto the line, and did so, crossing it in 2hrs,58minutes and 39seconds by my watch.

A good result but the effort of getting out of the baggage area seemd harder than the whole marathon as my legs seized up the minute I stopped. A bit of a lie down in the soon and some neurofen, soon saw me recovering and I moved off to meet Dee and Graeme.

Graeme was next in crossing the line in about 3hrs 24 mins very close to his estimated time. Dee had been traveling at a faster pace, but a lack of time for training saw her need to walk at 21 miles and so she got in at 3hrs 44mins a bit slower than her best of 3hrs 15mins. Having said that she had made great "strides" to get that fit from the start of the year.

A pint of guiness and some food in the Albert helped the recovery process and myself Graeme and Nigel are already planning our next sporting endeavour