Midsummer Madness 21/06/2003

All the pints in order

For the umpteenth time we returned to Seaton in Devon to search for that elusive uncarved block on the longest day of the year. This year our intrepid team of Graeme, Nigel, Dee, John and Woody the dog had an extra mission as they tried to support me (literally) as I attempted to break the course record which stood at 11 pints of Guinness.

We took with us a tiny video camera, to record each pint for the sake of the Guinness book of records (you would think they would be interested). Anyway it started with a pint on the off at the Hook & Parrot as I crossed the line quickly followed by two at the Dolphin in Beer then two at the fountainhead to the sound of the band.

We got a bit lost after that probably due to the fact that the person navigating had had 5 pints by then. I was quickly usurped in my role as navigator and we got back on track. Luckily Hilary had come through and had two pints of Guiness waiting at Southleigh village hall were we all indulged in the cream tea. I was Feeling a bit wobbly at this point and John was suffering from a bit of cramp, but the long gap to the nex pub at Colyton perked me up though obvioulsy it didn't help John much.

Two pints at the Gerrard Arms, but just one at the Golden Hind. Running was a bit of a struggle by now and there was only Me, Dee Graeme and Woody on the long 22mile route, but they kept me going(I only fell over twice on the whole thing). Two more pints at the Harbour in Axmouth and I struggled to stand up straight but could actually run fine as I had no aches or pains at all. Then one more pint just before I crossed the line.

The Dungbeetle was then kind enough to conratulate me and keep me upright, and boy did I need help standing up. I don't really recall much after that till the next morning. One thing is certain if anyone beats 13 pints of Guinness on the race I won't be trying to retain my title. I think I will content myself with the standard 5 pints in future. Thanks to the Lean Mean Rubber Bean and the Dungbeetle for organising such a great event and thanks to my team for getting me round in one piece.