Nick's Coast To Coast weekend 02/05/2003

Myself and Nick started a day early on this trip, we met at Minehead at Dunkery lodge. We cycled through the rain the Taunton, about four and a half hours of straight cycling saw us arrive a bit moist and tired at the train station. After a bit of a delay we caught the train to plymouth and met Emma, Chris and Ann on the train. At the other end we had a quick five mile cycle to the pub, were we met a huge dog and got some beer in.

A very nice farmhouse was our bed for the night and we set off relatively early. We split into two groups one off-road, and one on. We were doing fine in the off road group, though it was a bit wet, till we came across some tricky looking stepping stones, unfortunately our detour proved extremely arduous, and I was shattered after dragging my bike through the gorse.

However we got through the day a little bit bedragelled to the steps bridge youth hostel, not quite the same sumptious accomodation as the night before but after the trip to the pub, I felt a lot better. Surprised to see the youngsters all left the pub before closing time, leaving me and Nick to trundle back as last in.

After a failrly uncomfortable night in the bunk bed, we awoke to a glorious day and set off again, our off-road group was down by one, as Chris forsook the excellent breakfast we enjoyed in the first village. A very long day of about sixty miles, we didn't do much off-road, but we did plenty of hills. Very greatful to make it to our final destination, Luckily we still had time to get a couple of beers in down the local pub in Exford before dinner. After dinner i couldn't persuade the others to go back to the pub so we stayed in and watched GLadiator.

The last day on the monday was quite a short day and we all cycled together. We stopped of at Dunster for some fudge and some traditional lemonade before cycling the short jaunt back to minehead where I said goodbye to the others and rejoined my car.