Paul's Stag Night 26/04/2003

The start of this epic was to be the statue of Eros in leicester square at 1pm, short delay due to public transport, but we were soon in the pub, steadying our nerves with refreshing drink. Moving on quickly to the Boulevard club. An interestin establishment which wasn't too pricey and was quite friendly.

Their rule was that you had to leave your drink in the bar if you wanted to see the show, so I was happy to remain in the bar and watch the show from a distance.

After this we moved onto Wong Kei's were the other's rather sensibly had somethig to eat. We got a surprise at our next destination as there were lots of women with bunny ears waiting to join the same party bus as us. After a few drinks to brace ourselves for the ordeal ahead, we threw ourselves into the fray. An almost surreal night ensued, with encouters with nurses, devils, angels, bunnys and police women. I think someone must have slipped something in my drink as my grip on the situation worsened. People were frisked, handcuffed, medically examined and received lap dances.

How we all made it to the end of the evening is beyond me. I gradually lost touch with the others at the final nightclub and set off to Stringfellows were Paul had headed, but with my sense of direction muddled by alcohol I was lucky to get home. Certainly the bits I can remember were very memorable especially the dip in the Aquarium. I am sure Paul will also feel he had a night to remember.