Pink Ice Ball 04/10/2003

Was with a little trepidation that I set off for the Dorchester and the Pink Ice charity ball in aid of Cancer Research.. Had a pleasant shock when putting on my DJ as my trousers, on the large side to allow for growth proved to be far to large to wear. Luckily had a very close matching pair to fall back on. Met Debra in the lobby of the hotel, well she met me. I completely failed, to spot her in her ball gown as last time I had seen her she was wearing jeans, and had a different hairstye.

We entered via the paparazzi walkway at Teresa's suggestion, but I am not sure if we ended up in Hello magazine, I doubt it somehow, though no doubt, some pictures of celebrities there that night probably did. We got our free champagne when we entered and enetered the raffle a couple of times, and circulated and talked to one of the organisers before aking our seats.

I enjoyed the meal and the free wine, and afterwards there was free neat vodka chilled in an Ice scupture and free vodka ices.`

The meal was good and we taked to some of the charity workers on our table, before meeting the other LTRC members to dance to the band. Mica Paris also did a couple of numbers.

there was the draw for the raffle and we won a couple of prizes on our table, including 500 of designer clothing.

All in all a very good night