Polaris MTB Event 12/07/2003

Nick convinced me to take part in this two day Mountain bike event and I was very glad he did. It was a long drive up to pickering near Scarborough on the Friday, but nick had organised very acceptable accomodation in Givenheaddale Farm for ourselves and Pete.

Of course we were able to find a local pub for the evening to set us up for tomorrows effort. We had a relatively late start myself and Nick but it was a long day over 7 hours of effort on one of the hottest days of the year. I drank a litre and a half of coke it was so warm. Half of that was at a quick tactical stop at a pub. Nick was doing the navigating and was doing a good job of finding the checkpoints, but not so good a job of estimating how long it would take us to get to the finish.

We had a punishing push back on the A170 at speeds up to 23 mph. But we were still a little late. Not as bad as pete though who was nearly 45minutes late, though positions were reversed on the second day, when Pete got in on time and we were 1/2 an hour over the 5 hour time limit.

The second day saw a different tale to tell on our average speed. On the first day over 7 hours we averaged nearly 10mph, whilst on the second day we were down to 6mph due to a much more technical course and a number of points were we had to carry or push our bikes. Still very enjoyable event and I look forward to taking part in an event next year.