Cartier Polo 27/07/2003

We had a little bit of a problem at Egham station but Phil soon sorted out a missing ticket. We watched the first match, The Prince of Wales versus Hurlingham whilst Teresa and Rita broke out the Champagne they had brought. The prince of Wales team which had Harry in it, won in extra time. We continued to drink the champagne and get some food from the concession stands. The weather was surprsingly warm and sunny just becoming cool occaisionally when the sun went behind a cloud.

The second match was close as well, England versus Mexico. We watched this close to the pitch at first and when we ran out of champagne we moved onto the Pimms. In another close match England triumphed and the Queen awarded the Trophy. We had a bit more to eat and then went along to the party tent, though we didn't stay long as we had been drinking all day, and Phil was good enough to give us a lift back to the station.