Shrewsbury MTB 19/10/2003

Drove to shrewsbury from london via M11 and A14, but delays really slowed down the trip, got to Windy Mundy farm ok which was quite impressive, but first of all drove down to the local pub the Swan for a pint, before retiring to consume more beers at the barn, for once I wasn't last to bed as I found Georgina & Wendy chatting in the kitchen on my way to bed. Up reasonably early the next morning and set off for a quick cycle ride, with, peter, paul, nick and chris and his wife. Got used to the new bike a bit then back to the farm to watch England vs South Africa. I didn't win in the sweepstake. dinner for twenty was cooked in the evening by Piers & Wendy, who did a very good Chilli Con Carne . and it was an impressive meal on the double dinning tables in the big barn. Quite an early night at 1.30am. So I read for a while.
Next morning was a bit of a slow start but we set off, Myself, Nick, Joanne, Peter and Paul but I had a bit of a problem and I had to run back with the bike. No problem as I was feeling quite fit. Good weekend, thanks to Nick for organising.