27th Xmas pub crawl 20/12/2003


Off once again for the annual xmas pub crawl. Apparently this was the 27th time in succession that the pub crawl had been run on the last Saturday before Xmas. Of course I had only been to about 13 of these. Mark did a great job of organising again and I sorted out the festive hats. We all jumped in a minibus and went into Bury.
We popped into a number of favourite haunts and enjoyed numerous beers. I got lost in the pub with the band the slithering death, and due to poor phone reception I was unable to meet up with the others. However the bands fans were very very friendly and I was soon headbanging with the best of them, This however meant I was faced with an expensive cabfare back to Mark's and find that I'd missed my curry, oh well you can't have it all.