Great British Beer Festival 04/08/2004

Time once more for the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia. I started off on the Thursday night and bumped into Bill, and Stuart and Michelle and Phil and Jo, and Chris and Ian as you do. There was a lot of beer to be drunk and we were determined to make sure it wasn't wasted. We had some jolly nice hats to were and the fact the whole place was air conditioned made for the perfect drinking enviroment in the hot weather. On Friday I had the day off and got to olympia at 1pm very relieved to get out of the heat. Met richard at first then Mr Shackell arrived and we teamed up with Jo and Henry. Jon and preeti and tom then nick and pete and alison and teresa and des all arrived to and we had a good time indeed. the commitments were playing on the stage but I was fairly oblivious to them at this point. A very good night.