Cannes Film Festival 21/05/2004

the journey to nice was uneventful and mercifully short. I met Teresa and Funmi at our hotel the Beau Rivage, with some difficulty as mobile phones were very tempremental in the south of France. We straightaway went to Nice railway station and caught a delayed train for Cannes. There was some confusion as we had classe 2 tickets but we were in classe 1, but classe 2 is better than classe 1 in France, doh! We were a bit late getting to Cannes, but we soon got ourselves down to the film festival and got ourselves installed in the front of an open cafe/bar along the main drag. We shared the bar with a member of the boy band Blue, at least Funmi informed us of this, myself and Teresa had no idea who he was, this didn't stop Teresa talking to him however. We met Nick and Duyan on the way back to the station and stopped off for a biere before catching our train home.