Downlands 25/07/2004

Dee picked me up at 6.30am, and it was no mean feat to get up seeing as I had been on a 10hour pubcrawl the day before. But I navigated us succesfully to clayton playing fields near burgess hill were at 9am we set off with graeme on the 30mile downlands challenge that goes along the South Downs way. The problem with South Downs way is it is hardly ever flat, it is either up or down and the paths are quite stony at times. Gradually this takes quite a toll on the leg muscles and they get stiffer and stiffer, We were altogether at the halfway mark, were we met Hilary and the girls, we also found that Dee was third woman, So we made an extra effort to push on. Going back was immediatley harder there were more and longer climbs and Dee had had a blister from the 7mile point. Never the less we plowed on, Dee was good on the downhills and Graeme was strong on the uphills, initially graeme was ahead but we lost touch with graeme after a very long downhill. The final descent from the windmill was torturous on the legs there was a lot of swearing going on and we had to then push ourselves to the line but we missed the 5 hour mark by 38 seconds, Grame came in at 5hrs 22mins, well over 2hours better than his previous attempt, We were all very glad to see the finish line. Dee had kept her third place overall quite easily.