Halloween Party 30/10/2004

Astrid was good enough to invite me to the Halloween party at the house she shares with Chris and Phil. The theme was the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I came as Spike, a bit of good and bad, and there were a good few cowboy themed costumes, so that Chris had a good sized posse by the end of the evening. Astrid was striking in her all yellow Firestar outfit, and Phil was pretty scarey in his Scream outfit when the smoke machine was going.
The smoke machine worked well and made the pumpkins and the spiders more scarey, there was even a scarey cake, probably due to the amount of calories in it.
I enjoyed helping to concoct the bloody cocktail and certainly did a good job of helping to polish it off. There certainly were an awful lot of impressive costumes on display. The night went by so quickly it seemed 4am in no time, I had been there over 9 hours and it seemed like no time at all, if only work days passed as quickly. Can't wait till next years party, I will have to get started on the costume now seeing the level of competition.