Latin IYOC 06/11/2004

For the last of the IYOC meals we had a latin theme. So it was off to Costa Dorada close to Totenham court road tube. The bar had a happy hour from 6-9pm on a thursday with all drinks at 1.50 a time. So a few bottles of Ambar were dispatched. Very good turnout for this event 18 of us for this event even with a couple of people having to work late. We sat down just after 8pm, and so did everyone else in the bar which was abit unusual. Caused some problem for the staff as well, although the tapas style meals which were tasty arrived in good time the massive paella that some people ordered took quite a while to arrive. Of course while they were waiting they were treated to a flamanco demonstration. Or synchronised stamping as I like to think of it. Some of our more syncopated diners had a go at it as well, hats off to victoria and David.