London to Brighton 03/10/2004

The taxi arrived for 5.30am and I set off in the dark to the london nautical school. Packed all my diet coke and nutriment into the appropriate boxs for the feed stations and greased myself up. Dee and Sean and Nick arrived and gave me a lift to the start and we set off from big ben as it struck 7am.
We thought Mo might be running as she had entered but she was marshalling instead, me and Dee were about level till 10 miles nipping along at 8 minute miles, I had just pulled ahead a bit but then had to jump into an esso garage to sort out friday nights curry. It took me till 15 miles to catch Dee and we were both still motoring, I went through the marathon in about 3.35 and Dee went through in 3.40. Kept pushing and joined up with Garth, number 35, we overtook a lot of people, then I struggled a bit and let Garth go on, he pulled ahead but then blew up big time, we had covered a bit of distance however, though Dee's support kept appearing in front of me so I knew she wasn't far behind.
Started to suffer, now lots of pain between 35 and 40 miles. Oh it hurt, can't believe I had forgoten how much it had hurt the last time. Changed my running style and things got a bit easier, though by now the rain was really coming down. Started to hypnotise myself with a mantra on the run up to ditchling beacon, this helped though didnt get me up ditchling without having to walk a couple of times. Got to the top and found ourselves running into a bit of a gale but knowing there was only 5 miles to go really perked you up.
Running into Brighton tryed to go faster but the downhills were making me wimper with the pain, I thought I was going to miss out on a sub 8hr tme as by my watch there was less than a minute to go then a chap appeared from nowhere and said "100yds to go". I sprinted like mad and overtook another guy on the line. Unfortunately missed out by 14seconds. got changed then and saw Dee come in at 8.25 just 2 mins behind what I did it in on my first attempt, superb time for a woman. She was so strong as she came across the line she looked as if she could have gone on for miles. Nick and Sean then gave us a lift to the brighton race course for a shower and a chance to buy a beer or two for me and some souvenirs. I stayed for the presentation of the trophies and got a lift back in the coach.