Michelob ultra challenge 24/01/2004

Set off for a sportscentre in North London for this event. I had sent in an application to win 50,000 with Michelob Ultra. It's a low calorie beer and the competition would involve keeping up a resolution for a month. My resolution was to run 40 miles a week and drink a bottle of michelob for each mile.

This was enough to get me an interview. The process was quite fun. first of all we did a martial arts test were we had to hit lights as they lit up on 3 poles. I managed to score 61 and I believe from talking to the chaps that 63 was the score to beat. Next you had to move a metal ring around a loop wihtout touching. Did quite well at that. The last test was to catch balls whilst in a big plastic bubble as they were being blown about by air. Didn't do so well at this one tryed a new technique that had a drawback.

The interview was quite fun, but I suspect a much younger person will be chosen. However got 5 dottles of beer at-shirt and a bag for my trouble.