Midsummer Madness 19/06/2004


Just myself along for the midsummer madness this year, graeme didn't get in Dee was in Ireland, and Nigel was along the Pacific Trail. Dave was kind enough to introduce me to the crowd from the balcony before the start and then we set off. I was making good progress and was attempting to get round vast. It was all going very well and I was in the lead for most of the way, unfortunately after the 3rd pub I din't find the turn off for the slightly longer route that would have ensured I took in the full five pubs, so I ended up doing only 4 pubs, my only excuse is that I don't recall the other route from the previous year when I broke the record, but could recal the older route, which had now become the short cut. So for once I actually got lost and ran less distance. Still an extremely enjoyable day as always and I will be back next year, with a map & compass I think./h4>