Monaco Grand Prix 22/05/2004

The theory was to get an early start in the morning to see the practices. We got up quite late however and met Funmi in the gallery lafayette before catching the train to Monaco. needless to say the train was delayed, but it did follow a very scenic route along the coast. We seperated at Monte Carlo, as Funmi was in sector rocheure on the mountain side, whilst Teresa had managed to get us both upgraded to a grandstand seat, however although we got deafened by the formula 1 cars as we approached our seats, we did not actually see any that day as everybody got up and left as the pactice was over just as we got to our seats. We met up then with Nick and Duyan for a drink in the bar near the pharmacie that was our meeing point. Back then to Nice and after a quick change we met, Nick, Duyan and Funmi on the roof bar of their hotel. We then went for a very nice meal outside a restaurant that specialised in seafood, though I was a bit put off by the whole crabs and shrimps the girls were devouring in their paella. On then to the bar that had kept me and Teresa awake the night before, the check point. There was a small band and some dancing, I had cherry beer and some of the boys vodka when the waitress threw it over me, luckily only seconds away from the hotel for a quick change. The bar was ok but the boys wanted to sample a bit more of Nice, however the girls didn't like any of the other bars, so we parted company at that point, and we went home. Quite late up again in the morning and due to another delayed train we missed the parade, though i did get a very nice haagen daz in the blazing sunshine before meeting up for the main race. I watched the race from the harbour bit at the back of the granstand next to all the yachts, as the grandstand seats were uncomfortable and crowded, and also the noise level was high even with ear plugs in. I had quite a good view of the main screen and luckily was able to vary my viewing direction, even so I still caught the sun a bit. After the races the girls had their photos taken in some Maserati's and we met Gary. We had nice meal at the Monkey bar with some very large beers. Afterwards we walked along the track to the Hotel Du Paris and the Monte Carlo Casino, we went into the casino and drank chapagne next to Bjiorn Borg, though we didn't tell Teresa it was him until he had left, just in case. We had a few of the Monaco bears then that were quite strong at 5.7% but very smooth, perhaps this helped Gary and Teresa lose money on the black jack tables though in fairness it took them a while to lose it all. After that Funmi wanted to go home but we had a bit of a nightmare trying to find a taxi to get home in, but a friendly security guard came to the rescue and phoned us a cab.