Norwegian IYOC 01/07/2004

A large table was reserved for us from 6.30pm in the Nordic bar in Newman street off oxford st. before 7pm the champagne was only 19, so it would have been churlish not to have some. We also sampled the swedish love potion nexcite described as female viagra by the barman. There was a good selection of beers I had not tried before including Red Eric and a beer from the worlds most northernly brewery. We were quite full and the bar was packed helped by our group which totalled nearly twenty. Sharon's friends joan and caroline were along for the first time, and Susan joined us with Kim nicks girlfriend, Lucy also came along for a few drinks. The food course comprised mainly of smorgasbord or a meatball dish for most of us, though some of the girls were very disappointed when the willy viking salami was not on the menu. Myself and phil had a go on the wheel of misfortune later and luckily didn't win the Husky poo. Quite a bit more drinking ensued on my part and even a bit of pole dancing on my part. An excellent night.