The Porterhouse 25/11/2004

Firebird of the spice message boards was down from Manchester for a conference, so we arranged a meeting of message board folks. The venue was the porterhouse, and cocoa bean, Whyalice, Funnyone and Chris turned up to welcome Firebird to london. As always at the porterhouse it is hard to resist the tempatation of the plethara of beers on offer. So I had a nice strawberry beer and a couple of unusual ones. We were able then to get into the roadhouse in covent garden for free and get a free drink thanks to forms printed off the web, and we all piled into a booth and some of us ate. Then myself and Chris played a bit of pinball and the we danced for quite a bit, I Think I was the last to leave and had t catch a cab home. It Was a very good night :-)