Teresa's Birthday 21/02/2004

The details of Teresa's Birthday were a closely guarded secret. We knew the 14 of us were to meet at the Sanderson hotel which had a very posh bar, but why there had to be exactly 14 of us was a mystery but as we followed Teresa out of the hotel it all became clear as she opened the door to a humungous limousine, filled with champagne strobe lights DVD player, etc, etc. Teresa kept us all topped up with champagne as we drove to one of the capitals smartest bars Dusk, were drinks were again provided and some nibbles.

Back into Limo then and back into central london and the Cafe Du Paris. The limo caused quite a stir with quite a few people taking photos of the vehicle and we emerged to a small crowd that had gathered.

. In then to the Cafe Du Paris and into the VIP section, though only for a little while as the group wanted to boogie. Gradually people had to reluctantly wend there way home, though a few of us stayed till the end for a snack in 1997 around the corner.

Certainly was a top night, what will Teresa be able to come up with next year? She has set herself a hard act to follow.