Tough Guy 01/02/2004


Very early start for this event, no time to sleep after getting in late the night before, picked Ann up at 7.15pm. Got to Birmingham just after 10am, and got registered. Luckily the weather was not as cold as it had been during the week when wind chill factors of -20 were expected, or I would have gone home at this point. Met up with Graeme and we started doing a mexican wave with the thousands of others just behind the early starters.

Me and Graeme did well on the country miles a number of times they sent us up and down very steep hills , but we were able to overtake hundreds of people to get a bit of space for when we hit the killing fields. And hit them we did quite a few bruises picked up from the various obstacles, The smoke was bad from the burning straw and crawling under the barbed wire was tricky the worst was the newly expanded water tunnel absolutely freezing after going under the water 5 times

I enjoyed the climbing and got across all the obstacles ok. Even the bodies of other competitors as a number collapsed in front of me. The St Johns ambulance were certainly kept busy that day, there was quite a bit of blood and cramp was very common. At some times it felt like I was going across no mans land in the first world war with comrades falling in the mud all around me. However Graeme and I survived and crossed the line together.

Thanks to Ann for taking the photos and looking after the kit and having the hot soup at the finish. Never Again? Well maybe.