Xmas Pub Crawl 18/12/2004

Arrived at Bury St Edmunds, used my map to find the first pub but found I should have been in the Bushel not the Old Canon Brewery so I left my pint with the barmaid and joined the rest of the Unquenchables, quickly dished out the santa hats and soon found ourselves back at the Old Canon Brewery were I continued my pint. We continued on our route and met Jeff and Steph in the Nutshell and some friendly women, the Grapes was next and we met the women from the previous year. We added a new pub for the penultimate destination where a pensioners raffle was taking place, they soon shifted the raffle prizes when us rowdy young folk appeared. At the last pub a very well organised bus was there to take us home via the curry house in Long Melford of course. For once I didn't sleep on the settee but made good use of Mr Harlows camp bed till Richard woke me at 7.45am to give me a lift to Colchester.