8th Day birthday 01/10/2005

Time to celebrate 1 year anniversary for 8th day. A very good turnout and a very well dressed bunch they turned out to be when not all sweaty and sporty. Chris made an impression with his cane and gloves. All the girls had made a great effort. I was particularly impressed by Ballu's dress, but then I'm probably a bit biased :-) And the meal was excellent value with the free wine thrown in. Tom was good enough to supply us with RU21 cures to ward off any hangover, and I certainly didn't suffer from one. Ross stood up during the meal and unfortunately I got to represent my table, which required drinking my drink down in one, which was abit unfortunate as I had a nearly full pint of Lager. Later Chris challenged me to a sumo contest, but even after a few drinks I still had the advantge with my Judo training, Quite a few more people fought and some of the girls just danced in the suits. There was plenty of dancing to be done, and it seemed like no time till it was 12.30 and it was time to make a move.