Becky & Carl's Wedding 28/05/2005

The big day arrived and Wendy and Laurence were good enough to get me to salomon's by way of a pint at the InnKeeper's
The ceremony was good and went off without a hitch the reception was excellent with Pimm's and champagne, which we could have outside by the Lake were they also took the photo's. It was good to see so many SP people there and we had aspecial photo's. A lot of babies were there with , John and Tori's and Viv and Anson's, and of course Amanda and John soon to join them. It seemed like no time till the meal which was very good and the service was very prompt each serving. The speech's were good and not to long and then time for the dancing, a kayleigh was in order, but as usual I find it a little difficult to dance in a suit, but everyone else was enjoying themselves hugely.
Unfortunately before I knew it I had to leave to catch the last train to london as myself and John had failed to organise ourselves a room.