Blind Date 12/02/2005


Tom organised this event to raise money for their charitable cause so they could run across the Sahara. As usual with these type of events apparently they were short of men so i managed to rustle up a few friends to make up the numbers. Correspondingly myself, Ann, Neil O'Grady, and John Lane met in the O'Neil's pub at the top of Carnaby street, After a couple of drinks we headed along to the number 3 bar were we searched for our partners for the evening. My date found me quickest and we set off for our restaurant the China Rendezvous. Jacqueline was a Kiwi and had made a big effort to turn up as she wasn't well and was on antibiotics and unable to eat or drink much. However despite that we had a really pleasant meal. We returned after that to the number 3 bar which had got a lot busier and a lot noisier. We stayed for a while long enough to meet up with the others.