Broads Boating 08/07/2005


Up quite early drove to Stalham past Norfolk to meet Tony and Karen for a boating holiday on the broads. We got on our nice blue boat the voyager 2 and cast off to sail just round the corner to moor up and meet Maggie and Alan and go to the pub for the night we warthed a bit of telly when we got back as we were able to get the aerial for the telly in the correct position.

Got up early in the morning and cast off and cruised along nicely, but when we got to a bridge we had to stop as the engine was overheating, we popped to the nearby shop and bought fly swaters whilst the engineer fixed the boat. On then to moor for the night, surprise, surprise right next to a brewery. The Fox and Feather served 8 of the woodforde brewerys real ales and I managed to have 6 of them. We strolled back to the boat then and had a game of gargle before going to bed.

What a scoching day it was really hot, but the boat wouldn't start so we got a tow to the docks and a minibus back to Stalham were we boarded the onyx a yellow boat that was quite plush even having proper electricity plugs, we sailed back out to a broad expanse of water were some yacht racing was happening, then took a narrow overgrown channel to neatishead were we stopped at a nice pub for a drink and quick game of darts. We made our way back to the broad part for a bit of mooring then on home to stalham.