Dahab 17/09/2005

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Hadn't slept all night, Cam picked me up at 6am from stepney green in a taxi, we met Sandra and Valsa at Victoria and caught the express to gatwick. We were in good time unlike Tamas and had time in garfunkels for breakfast. The flight was delayed unfortunately and it was a bit warm on the plane, but luckily I had a blow up pillow and was a bit sleep deprived so I caught a bit of sleep up on the plane, There was also a bit of a delay at the airport picking up the bags so we just got in the the transfer buses as it was getting dark. We went pretty fast for an hour but the coach wasn't air conditioned and I was next to the open window so I was a bit deaf for most of the journey.
We checked in and got our rooms with an efficient air conditioning unit and a fridge and telly. Then down to the restaurant for a meal which was good. Then down to the bar we had some hubbly bubbly and stayed up till about1.30, with Karla, Sandra and Anita. Eventually there was just me so I took the opportunity to write my diary a bit before going to bed.
Up for breakfast, then down for a 9.30 briefing and off to Dive school with, John, Juzar and Ali, Claire was supposed to do it but was on medication so couldn't. We watched videos in the hut in the morning and were tested on our stuff in the afternoon. Then we got in the water to do some practical. Felt very cumbersome in the water, and the red sea tasted awful when we had to switch respirators under water. I was John's buddy. There were a number of stone fish about which are poisonous, a lot of little fishs and a squished millipede, after we got out of the water, we eventually got a game of volleyball going.

It was quite tense but eventually our team won the tie break in the final match. Off then to shower and get changed for dinner which was a kind of curry, with fruit including guava for desert. Down then to the bar and we all squeezed in one of the pits for a few drinks, Juzar nearly set the place a fire when he knocked over his rather strong pipe. Then the germans next door did set the place alight for someones 25th birthday party. We drank a bit more and I tried the meister beer which turned out to be 8%. Gradually our numbers dwindled and just Juzar and Clare were left at the german party. I then sat with my feet in the pool writing up my diary.
In the morning went to the lighthouse to do an open water dive, this involved a trip in a truck over dirt roads. The dive was good we went down to 12metres and saw lots of fish. After lunch more exercises in the afternoon, Juzar strugged a bit to do the 9 metre swim whilst breathing out. I struggled a bit with the breathing pivot after filling the BCD manully underwater, that was because I didn't realise that was what I was doing. Afterwards me and John watched the next video on our own. We all then met up in the bar and caught taxi's into Dahab.

We went to a restaurant that would have been very nice but was overrun with cats. I had a chicken curry. Afterwards, me Cameron, John and Tamas walked into the town to shop. I got an arabian outfit very quickly after being walked to the cashpoint with the guy but at least it was sorted. We found a supermarket then and got an underwater camera. We then walked along the beachfront and found, Ayumi, Kate, and Juzar and attempted to buy belly dancing outfits, with little success so we stopped for a drink at the tota bar shaped like a boat.

We met Jo and Clare in the bar having a pipe. we were joined by some egyptian guys, played a bit of table tennis then some pool. Eventually got a lift home in the back of a truck.
Up late to breakfast then joined the others for a 200m swim and 10mins treading water.

Then aother session of exercises on the beach before going back to the lighthouse in the afternoon for another open water dive were we got to use the underwater camera. Later, I videod, Sandra and clare waterskiing and Anita and Ali wakeboarding before having a bit of a reduced game of volleyball. Then an outdoor barbecue before sitting above the beach bar, then moving off to Hilton Hotel for their Disco, Danced for a little while despite having crap shoes on.
Up a bit later, as Ali and Juzar were wathcing the vido. Then we caught a taxi out to the Moray gardens For two dives. The first dive of the day, we repeated some of the confined water dive manouvres. such as replacing face masks. Then we dropped down to 18ms at the deepest point, ans saw a number of interesting fish and some coral. place was also quite crowded with divers. We stoppedfor unch at the full moon cafe, which was nice but i only had diet cokes. We dived again in the afternoon to 17ms and I felt a bit sick afterwards, but did my padi exam on my own in the fly pit which was a bit disracting but managed to pass, Didn't go ito town or with the others on the camel trip. Did escort clare to the camel bar late at night as she was hopeful of joining Ayumi and Kate, but the Hilton was closed soI just walked back to the resort and went to bed about 1am.
Rather lazy day on the beach read my book in the shade chatting to folks. Went for a run with Ross before dinner and had a dip in the pool after, which was nice. Afterwards went into town with Juzar, and had a walk along the seafront, before settling in the rushbar by the pool. Dipped my feet in the pool to keep cool for a while, and got a bit wet when Folks started jumping in so caught a taxi home. Was struggling a bit to drink the local beer anymore.
Up for 9.30am And more beach time. Took some video footage of Ali and Juzar on the rings, and in the afternoon did a quad bike safari with Juzar to the oasis. The bikes were pretty fast and it was quite dusty, managed to get some air over some bumps.

Later we played a tense game of volleyball. And then all set off to get ready for the fancy dress party. The outfits were pretty good, Ross and Nikki who came as mummies wrapped in toilet paper were pretty impressive. And the girls had a selection of local oufits.

My full length oufit was surprisingly warm. Drank the bar out of cocktail mixers as I couldn't face another Sakara. Unfortunately popped back to the room to pick up video camera and fell asleep as I tried to cool down with the air conditioning on full blast, so missed out on rest of party.
Up earlier than most people for once and relaxed mainly on the beach before heading home about 3pm, the bus was air conditioned this time which was good. The flight was uneventful, but a few people were glad to be getting back to England as they were having some tummy troubles.