Derek & Sharon's Wedding 02/07/2005

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Up early and packed the kilt and stuff and was off to preston by 10am, took 4.5hours, would have been quicker but accident at junction 32. Got to Barton Grange and used all the kit in their mini gym before meeting up with Derek and his family in the walled garden for a nice meal.

Up early and got the kilt on and down to breakfast and on the coach at 8.45am. The service was held in a monument on a hill with really impressive views and a string quartet playing away. After the ceremony we had champagne, so quite an early start then back by coach to the reception to be greeted with a number of glasses of Pimm's before being ushered into dinner by the entertainments manager with his gong.

I was sitting on the scotch Argus table which was a kind of rowdy butterfly, and was appropriate for my table. We had a lovely meal and even got extra chips and tomato kechup from the entertainments manager. The after dinner speeches were certainly entertaining, and I captured them all on video. Next we launched into the quiz. My table was at a slight handicap as we lost a number of members quickly due to a baby sitter problem and the live 8 concert.
We battled on even when just me and Ian were left and we managed to win, it did help that one round of questions was about Derek and sharon, and another was about drink. Also got some help from the Laird's liquor a bottled beer produced especially for the wedding.

It was fast approaching time now for the evening meal. This was a buffet and we were joined by more quests including Dave of spoons fame. The entertainments manager introduced the Illinois Blues Brothers who were really good, and treated us to a number of impressive costume changes. There was an impressive entrance for Derek and Sharon through an archway of guests, and we were all taught a new dance. I even joined in though dancing in a kilt was pretty scarey.Phew eventually I was exhausted by about 1am, what a day.