Derek's stagg weekend 17/06/2005


Drove to the holiday inn at warwick for Dereks Stagg weekend. Got there just in time as they decided to leave early for the cape of good hope by minibus. The pub was on the grand union canal very nice, we sat outside and a number of us did tubes, I did two and Mark did 4. Gerard, Mike and Ian all did one as well.
We had some food inside and some champagne to toast derek. Afterwards a number of us decamped by taxi to the nightclub in Lemington Spa, arriving back at the hotel after it closed.

Up just in time for the noon departure on Saturday. Lack of minibus saw us take a short walk, which was hard work in the heat so we stopped off for a lager on the way to the Rose & Crown to join Mike and Mark who had driven into town early. We had sandiches in the pub then sat out in the pub garden in the tilted wig. We got quite warm in the sun which led to a game of spoons, that Derek won surprise, surprise!.

Off then to the Warwick Races which was very popular we were confident after winning 230 earlier in the day after betting on a horse with the name of last nights pub. But I don't think anyone was significantly up by the time we moved back to the city square and lloyds number 1 bar. Stewart was quite drunk by this time but held it together, the same people from the previous night ventured out again to the disco, And no surprises that w didn't make it home till the place closed.