Endurance Life 21/052/005

Up at 5am for this race and set off to meet Graeme to give hima lift to shoreham. Shouldn't have had the bap and sausage roll to give me some energy for the kayak, because when we get there it turned out to be the run first. Doh! that breakfast didn't sit well, and Graeme was flying running really well whilst I struggled on the 12 mile distance.
into the surf ski next and off for a 5 mile paddle half of it against the wind and tide. But after some initial confusoin we got our act together steering wise and didn't do too bad.
I really let the side down on the biking though, hadn't adjusted my saddle on my bike and when it came to hill's i just couldn't get up them with my saddle so low, so again Graeme was well ahead. but not quite as far ahead as Ross who came third in the singles getting a bottle of champagne as a prize.