Marathon 17/04/2005


Felt quite good when I woke up and had rice pudding or breakfast, defizzed coke and 2 immodium. Went to Charring Cross but got on a very packed train to maze hill, not good. Had my sheddable shell on at the start and set off on time. Shed the shell after a mile and also picked up a stone in the shoe, and it wasn't the last. At 6 miles met Nell Mcandrew who went on to do 3.11 and also Gordon Ramsay. Left her behind, then sole of the left foot started burning at 13 miles, but didn't get too bad, also got blister on left little toe. Saw Ann & Laura at 11 miles and Witham running club on the highway. Sylvia saw me and shouted by the eye. Legs seized up about 23 miles but kept pushing and overtaking people and got to the line in 2.59.08 by my watch and still under by the race clock. Long hard trek to baggage collection, then made my way to the W's to meet Graeme. He came in at 3.42 so qualified for LTB. But he did need a bit of a lie down afterwards. We then went across to the red lion and I had a beer and Graeme a diet coke before heading home