Midsummer Madness 25/06/2005


Off down to Devon with Graeme for the annual Madness. We had a quick warm up pint at the hook and parrot on Seaton sea front, then set off on our voyage of discovery after being briefed by the dung beetle. We were going anti-clockwise this year so sped along to the first pub the Harbour at axmouth for our first oficial pint and then set off on the long route, there was only a few of us on the long route and we all got lost and met up and got ourselves to the golden hind at Musbury. We sped on then to the Gerrard arms at colyton for a beer in their coutyard, and then started to meet people on the short course as we got to the Village hall at southleigh. This time we found the beer in the hedge stop, and the uncarved block, but we were steaming along so went straight past them. We got to the fountainhead and had a bit of a rest before tackling the stairway to heaven which was tough, but we were rewarded by another beer at the Dolphin in beer. But still one more hill to go before our final arrival at the finish line, where surprise, surprise! a free beer awaited us.