Monopoly Pub Crawl 30/04/2005

Michelle was responsible for this liquird marathon which involved travelling to a pub for all 22 stops on the monopoly board. Michelle, Phil, Stewart, Stuey, Bill and myself were the stalwarts who started at 11am at the charlie chaplin at elephant and castle. A bit further along we picked up two Johns.
At this point we split into 2 rounds, Bill, stuart, John and myself were one round, and I had to leave them at Hamilton hall eating lunch and go ahead to the Urban Bar and drink Absinthe with the others. My guys arrived just as the others were leaving so we leapfrogged ahead in a taxi, but the other team then leapforgged us by catching a taxi out of the next pub, which led us to catch a taxi and keep it running outside the cheshire cheese to get to the coalhole first.
After this there was a lot of walking, and my memory gets a bit more blurry, but I got a picture of every pub and had a drink in everyone, and remember meeting Rita and Paul and friends along the way. Really an excellent day, we were lucky with such a nice day and it was very well organised. We met aother set of people at the start attempting it, but when we next saw them we were already well ahead.