Newquay 13/05/2005


Up quite early considering not at work, set off about 10am through London and along the M4 & M5 to Newquay. Took about 5 hours. Looked around the shops bought some party stuff and went for run along headland. Duncan & Theresa were next to arrive and they texted me in the Barricuda bar and I left there to meet them in the Plum tree, from there we went to the Skinners Arms and had a couple of pints of doom bar bitter and betty stogs.
Went back then to the base surf lodge and met Clare, Graham and Steve. So I went back then to Sailors with them till 2am. Chatted to a few local women, or rather they chatted to meet. . Up for 9am and had breakfast with the others. Went to Watergate Bay and the extreme academy. The weather was very rainy all day and the sea was very flat. We were concerned about surfing, but we did ski surfing instead, I seemed to have the best hang of it. Getting quite a few good waves into the beach though it was a bit harder when I switched boats to one without footstraps, so my early expertise was probably down to the boat. After
Lunch then at the extreme cafe and a couple of extreme Coffees. We went mountain boarding next. It was quite tricky and very muddy and did fall off a good few times, got some good video shots though from the dry of the shed. Steve was particularly good at it, and Clare hurt her hip a bit.
Back then to the lodge and after meeting in the bar to watch celebrity wrestling we went out to senor dicks a mexican restaurant and drank all the margharitas they had, it took a while for the food to arrive but the waitress Gems was very charming, and offered to dance on the table. We had shooters as well before moving on.
We couldn't get into Sailors the q was too big so we went into beaches for a fiver. It was interesting but quite small and very loud, so we left and then decided not to go into Sailors but went back to the base lodge to play operation and with the didgeridoo. Gradually just me and the barman left, but just as Graham left the hen night arrived with some rugby players in tow. I talked to raunchy Rachel for an hour or so before finally leaving them to it, at about 4.30am
Up for breakfast and to feed the meter in the car. Clare was late down so didn't make it to surfing. Duncan and Tersa went to Waregate bay to surf but it was too flat, The rest of us stayed in the cafe and had something to eat before heading back.