Nick's 40th birthday 14/01/2005


Jon and Karen were kind enough to give me a lift from Woking to Windy Mundy Farm and Stockbridge Granary. The Stockbridge Granary we had not been to before but myself and John Lane were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived there, even if John's TT wasn't impressed with bumps in the drive. We bagged a good room and had a quick go on the indoor basketball court that came with the place before nipping down the pub to meet the others. After a few drinks we headed back to the granary then got a lift to Windy Mundy farm with Piers and Wendy and found that their 4 x 4 loved the bumpy drive. In the morning after a breakfast in the main dining room we headed up to Windy Mundy farm to join the others on a leisurely but muddy walk that was interspersed with a handy pub stop when the sky put down a drop or two of rain.

Back then to the stockbridge granary and a bit of relaxation and mass potato peeling before heading up to Windy Mundy farm for the main celebtration of the weekend.

We all donned lovely hat's, mine was courtesy of Rebecca as I had missed the fancy dress theme. The Chef's had been doing a sterling job on preparing a meal for 35 people, and Nick's Dad kept us entertained with magic tricks before and during the meal. After the main course Nick was surprised when not one but 3 cakes arrived, one designed like an ordinance survey map. We also presented Nick with an IPOD and special speakers thanks to a collection organised by Leon. After this we played a number of games, though it was a shame it was time to leave just as Aidey was doing so well at a game of gargle :-)

Not an early start to in the morning and the trip back to London was a bit slower than expected due to sheep and a tanker, that and the bumpy road, meant John's TT was having a bit of a rest this weekend :-)