No Limits 15/07/2005

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15/07/2005 Up early and set off for St Davids in south wales about 10am, after uneventful journey got their about 3.30pm, Ross and Gordon were already there. Matthew arrived shortly afterwards, but didn't come for the run along the cliffs, this was about an hours worth. Though this included a dip in the sea for Ross, I was less brave. Hayley and Alison and Clare arrived in time for dinner and Amy, Gjoril and Sandra met us in the honesty bar were we were playing jenga, longest game ever between me, ross and matt, Ross even managed to remove a whole row and I twice balanced the stack on one brick.

Good nights sleep in the bunk beds, then up and off to coasteering. The water was incredibly calm and we all jumped in to start with and there were a few swear words at the cool water, but it got warm in the wetsuits very quickly . We progressed to bigger and bigger jumps and dives and I got a good few on camera, including a backflip or two. We had fun trying to swim through a channel with a strong current, we were also joined by a coasteering dog.

Back to the centre then for lunch and then off out for climbing. Managed to find a cafe and get an ice cream before climbing. The climbing involved being lowered down sea walls, Did two climbs, the first tricky, the second longer but easier. Got a lot of video and photos taken including some of Sandra who had an interesting technique known as the back smear. Time for a quick ice cream before heading back to the centre to sit out in the garden and drink pimms whilst Ross and Amy went for a run. We all tucked into a well earned dinner then hit the town to find a pub with some real ale and a large beer garden. After that closed it was on to the rugby club disco, were Ross kept us entertained with his breakdancing moves. At 1am back to the honesty bar and I recall playing games till about 3am, but I wasn't the last to bed.

I didn't have a hangover in the morning but a few people weren't looking so healthy, I think matthew had four neurofen. Into our wetsuits again and into our kayaks for sea kayaking, It was very calm again so we got a long way and found a number of exciting jellyfish. A few people including myself had to jump out of the boat for a bit of a comfort stop. All in all a very pleasant morning, followed by the obligatory ice cream, then lunch. A bit of volleyball and then off to whitesands, the 18th best beach in the world for a bit of a chillout before the journey back.