Octopushy 07/06/2005

Off to the Downside Fisher youth club, near London bridge to play Octopushy with 8th day. Ross our leader had organised a couple of national players to play with us and show us the rules. Ali, Gjoril, Chris, Graham, Rachel, Toril, Richard, Mark and Charlotte were there. We practised a bit before hand with the flippers and the Masks and the snorkel. The snorkel was the hardest bit. After a while practising we made up two teams and started a game, It was hard work, and I struggled a bit to identify who was on which side. Ali really got the hang scoring two goals. Certainly was energetic stuff but great fun and not without risk there was a certain thrashing of limbs that was hard to avoid, and I managed to elbow Ross in the head when he tried to surface underneath me while I was swimming on the surface. Nevertheless we all survived, and made it along to the elusive camel for a few drinks with Octopushy guys.