Pub champs Championship 13/01/2005


The sports cafe in Haymarket was the venue for the 8th Day Pub World Games Championships. I had Organised 3 teams, John Yung and Ann, Neil O'Grady and Sharon and Dave and Laura. Dave and Laura were team number one, they played table football first. Unfortunately despite being 4-3 up, they managed to lose 5-4. Next they played pool, but again although they were ahead and potted the black ball they managed to lose as the white ball also went down. So unfortunately they were out.

The other two teams were more fortunate however both winning their first two rounds. There was an especially stunning display at one point when Neil potted all 7 balls and the black at pool to win the match. At this point John and Ann lost unexpectedly when they potted the black ahead of scedhule and were unable to make the defecit back on the beer mat catch.

Neil and Sharon by this point had progressed through to the final and although they faced teams that had obviously practised on the mat catch, they managed to produce the results when it counted and came away the winners with a commemorative Tanker each. Thanks to Tom and Ross for oganising such a good night especially when beer and cocktails were 2 for 1 till 9pm.