Shooting 08/12/2005

After work met Ross and Charlotte at Southfields tube, and drove to the Bisley rifle range, we got there early and so stopped for a drink in the pub to improve our aim. We arrived at the club first and took some pictures with Charlotte on the machine gun. Then the others arrived, Mahmoud, Clare, John from Turkey, Teresa and Craig. Adele had a problem with her trains.
We split into 3 groups, myself and Mahmoud did archery first which was surprisingly hard. Though others seemed to find it even harder especially Craig who managed to hit the ceiling. Myself and Mahmoud then did the pistol and rifle I got 43 out of 5 shots on the pistol which I think was the highest, but only got 42 on the rifle. So I think Ross and Craig and probably Charlotte beat me on that one.
On the timed targets it was between me and John to the final round, I thought I needed 4 to win, and thought I had the 3 necessary to draw but the judge just allowed me 2, so John won. The deal included a meal which I didn't partake in though I did use their bar for a bottle of Black Sheep. I don't know whether that improved my aim or made it worse after the one in the pub. At the end the range guys shot their own guns and rifles including a 38 magnum, which was extremely long. After posing for some pictures, Ross gave us a lift back to Clapham Common.